Would you rather see a volcano, go zipgliding over a vineyard, or enjoy a proper English tea?

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Travel guides with a choose-your-own-adventure twist.

Each guide offers 35-40 hand-picked places and offer a great mix of mainstream and offbeat places. You get directions to each place, a succinct description, and some fun surprises once you complete a day. These e-books work on all smartphones, tablets, and computers, and are available on Amazon and as PDF’s.

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CAW Auckland 3D

See Auckland on your own terms! Just like the old-school choose-your-path books, the choices are up to you.

With a Choose a Way book, you choose every step of the way – visit a place with our awesome directions, then choose from three new places to visit. This travel guide to Auckland covers thirty-nine of the most interesting places around Auckland – enough for up to 5 days of traveling around Auckland. Sites are mainstream, offbeat, indoors, outdoors, kid-friendly, for adults only, and more! Start in the morning, based on what time you’re ready to go, and start tapping the links.

Each day starts with over 1,000 possible paths to take.



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